DGI commits to incubating and supporting any innovation that aims to advance
human knowledge.

Currently we sponsor the following initiatives:

Journal of Management Science
Career Development Counseling
Hu's Phonetics

Journal of Management Science (JMS) is a scholarly journal that aims to
publish scientific research in the changing scope of management.

The mission of JMS is to advance human knowledge in business and
economic activities, facilitate interactions between theories and practices
pertaining to management, and be the trusted source of innovative and
valuable ideas for business leaders.
Click here to visit JMS website.

Currently, we support initiatives in job search and business start-ups for college graduates.
Click here for information about job search and business start-ups.

Hu's Phonetics is an innovative approach for non-native speakers of English to
speak native American English.
Click here to read an introduction of Hu's
Phonetics of American English.
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